Everyone has inside of them an inner voice, a voice of reason that either justifies the bad, tries to deter you from that bad or reasons with you to do a good action.  People have hundreds of choices each day and not all of them are so dramatically clear between good or bad. Some involve laziness or neglect. Like should I sleep or pray or should I smile and say good morning or scowl and stay silent. One voice tells you of the benefits of prayer and of following the right path--, but the other voice tells you, you need the sleep, you didn't sleep well, you'll get up in an hour anyway. So this is not like choosing to steal something or wait till you get paid but it is one of the many choices/tests we are blessed with each day.  Why do you call it a blessing? Because with every choice you pass, when you do the good thing even though it might seem harder at the time, you bring yourself unthinkable rewards now and in the hereafter (enshahAllah) So sometimes when you hear a voice like your own voice so much you might get immuned to it and not take it seriously or you might know how to talk yourself out of for instance getting up in the morning to pray Fajr prayer.\So that is how our group is suppose to help-  because our main objective is for you to improve yourself and become closer to God and to make your inner voice stronger.